Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Appendix Δ : On The Waterfront


 Kids See GhostNation










mi kante ki yu ha ya ye

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Commentary on Appendix A-C: Watch The Book

Waiting for the worms

The Apple computer has worms

Mobile AI - HAL on foot

Global virus

If MM is correct, print and television can recalibrate our brains in different ways

What does Internet do?

🧠 dirigible pig

You create rabbit holes on The Internet 

The Internet doesn’t create ?! holes

Alice in WWWonderland

Dolores is the Internet 

Privileged Bubble Merkaba of V

Pure A/V

Maeve is Cyberspace 

Felt Presence of Immediate Experience

No Child Left Behind

Weaponized internet judging the Moral

And the Canceled

And the Environment that 

Decides Your Fate

AI is intelligence

AC is consciousness

All the Earth a stage

Individuals inhabit internet 


Has been here forever 


Here Comes Everybody


Here Comes Everyvaccine

Initiate program 

Riddle of the sphinx

“These are not human beings

These are not viruses

Is written in 

These are not Bad robots”

There’s more than one version inside

Four versions

It will not be categorized 

By your first impression 

Version 1

Thé Lowest rated episode of the entire series


Versions 2-4

I would say use the PKD Arrangement 


The Leclair/Klaus Arrangement

 Tensor: 3x3 with 6 invisible components 

Transformer:  4 x1

WWS3E8 Crisis Theory

Time to Face the Music

First, read the book.

Then, watch the episode again in B/W with Meddle (start WW at 00:01:40)

Then COLOR with DSOTM (same timing)

Then B/W with The Wall (same)

Using the Moving Line Arrangement To Unlock WW64

Structurally, The Tensor is 3 solid lines - trigram of Heaven

The Transformer is the mutation that discovered The Wall’s 2nd starting point*

Meddle Side 2 > Side 1 - broken line

DSOTM - solid line

The Wall (start at song 21) - broken line

This new trigram, the trigram of Water, unlocks 64 hexagrams = rabbit hole

Block chains broken

Completed ✅ representation of the way eternity changes 

                    *the MLA can be applied to The Tensor

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Appendix C: Late Confirmation




Perfect Fade

You’re lovevisfading




The Man in Black

The Pink Man

The Nolan

Silver Surfer in the flesh

Holy Grail At Last, HIMOG Almighty


Monday, June 28, 2021

Appendix B: Hearing Aids

Nine Inch Nails

Broken > The Downward Spiral


A Quiet Place 2

“a shout in the street”