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Appendix A: The Men Who Stared At GOATS

                                                                                            dhyou read me HAL?

Stare is to look

Reading is not looking

Do we look at film, or read film?

What happens when you snap out of the black and white iron prison?

Not extra-terrestrial intelligence 

Extra-environmental intelligence 

The Internet As Seen From Space 

Gardens are machines, all environments are machines

Confinement speeds up mutations 

The two largest organs in the human body have an endo-skeleton 

The third largest has an exo-skeleton 

Only one has taken over the planet 

All environments must be considered in psychic-somatic terms

All man made environments speed up processes 

All electronic environments are an extension of human consciousness 

Water flows into any available space

Mechanical Bride meets

Medium is the Massage

The Russians were knocked out of film by color

They couldn’t handle the distortion of photographic media

Kubrick: black and white - Paths of Glory,  Lolita and Strangelove 

Kubrick Color - Spartacus, 2001(?), A Clockwork Orange (?)

I'm not a director 

🌈 πŸŒˆ  πŸŒˆ

I'm Stanley Kubrick

"I always thought music looked nice on paper" - Frank Zappa

Planets are non submersible 

World religions are non submersible

Masks are non-submersible

😷 cough

: Finnegans Wake Monomyth :

: Bible Monotheism :

: 2001 Monolith :

Thunder Words : Finnegans Wake Sacraments : Bible

Non-Submersible Units : 2001

Sacraments of Initiation in 2001

Baptism : Holy Water

Confirmation : Monolith

Eucharist: Holy Blood

Sacraments of Healing in 2001

Penance: the pod confessional

Anointing of the Sick : retrieval of the body

Sacraments of Service in 2001

Holy Orders : The Jupiter Mission

Matrimony : The Starchild

The 200I Ching: A Space-Time Odyssey

The I Ching is a nonverbal experience; out of two hours and nineteen minutes of Timewave Zero, there are only a little less than forty minutes of dialog. I tried to create a visual experience, one that bypasses verbalized pigeonholing and directly penetrates the subconscious with an emotional and philosophic content. To convolute McKenna, the message is the medium.  I intended the timewave to be an intensely subjective experience that reaches the viewer at an inner level of consciousness, just as music does...You're free to speculate as you wish about the philosophical and allegorical meaning of it...but I don't want to spell out a verbal road map for the I Ching that every viewer will feel obligated to pursue or else fear that he's missed the point."

A Work In Progress

Broken Line: last page first page

Unbroken Line:  first page last page

200I Ching: A Space-Time Odyssey

Broken Line: Intermission
Unbroken Line: First page last page

The Mutation of the Nightmare of History into Day Light

Broken Line: Deuteronomy

Unbroken Line: First page last page

The origin of the glyph is uncertain. It is usually suggested to have originally depicted either a sewing needle, specifically the eye of a needle (Hebrew Χ§Χ•Χ£ and Aramaic Χ§Χ•Χ€Χ both refer to the eye of a needle), or the back of a head and neck (qāf in Arabic meant “nape”).  

According to an older suggestion, it may also have been a picture of a monkey and its tail (the Hebrew Χ§Χ•Χ£ means "monkey")

😷qoph 😷 


Written with a Q

Spoken with a K

Conspiracy of print

Magick of speech


K is 11

H is 8

2001 to 2020 - 19 years

cough πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· 😷 πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜·πŸ˜· πŸ˜· πŸ˜· 

How is the Mass?

“The Hermetic Corpus was a B/W version (pre-Moses) of something written in Color (post-Christ)

2001 is a colorized version (post-Christ) of something filmed in black and white (pre-Moses).”

We are shifting from the Iconic sound of Tarot

To the Photographic sound of I Ching.  


VR is non-submersible : VR is a thunder word 

VR is a sacrament

The Flood will not be televised

A Counter-Clockwork Orange, man

Horselover Cat


Back of the head


Thursday, October 8, 2020

"My dear E, Let there be no more hesitancy"

Jan 2012 - December 2020

Thanks for reading!


What does the third dimension look like in two dimensions?  

Any 10 year old can show you. Draw two squares, connect the corners....

A three dimensional cube in two dimensions. Sort of. It is actually the illusion of a three dimensional cube in two dimensions. A magic trick. A simple magic trick.
And depending on how you look at it, not one but two distinct cubes are observed, further evidence of the illusion.  

What does the fourth dimension look like in two dimensions?

This is also an illusion. Another magic trick. A really complicated magic trick.

What is The Kubrick Transformer?

Simply put, The Kubrick Transformer is a mash-up. Think of Dark Side of the Rainbow, the well known mash-up of Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon with the movie The Wizard of Oz, or The Grey Album, the mash-up of Jay-Z's The Black Album with The Beatles White Album by Danger Mouse. The Kubrick Transformer is a mash up of two Stanley Kubrick films, 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining, with Pink Floyd's album The Wall. The films and album are played simultaneously without interruption or edits. The starting times are specific, the set up can be a bit complicated, and only certain commercially released versions of each component achieve the desired result. So maybe it really isn't that simple.

To set up The Kubrick Transformer you will need:

"Firstly — at least as you have already become mechanized to read all your contemporary books and newspapers.
Secondly — as if you were reading aloud to another person.
And only thirdly — try and fathom the gist of my writings.
Only then will you be able to count upon forming your own impartial judgment, proper to yourself alone, on my writings. And only then can my hope be actualized that according to your understanding you will obtain the specific benefit for yourself which I anticipate, and which I wish for you with all my being."

Gurdjieff's advice, in my opinion, is the advice any serious artist and teacher would give, and I imagine Stanley Kubrick would also recommend watching his films a few times.

To apply this Friendly Advice to The Kubrick Transformer:

Firstly - watch the first time as you would watch any movie. 

Secondly - watch the second time as if you were going to explain to someone else what the movie is about.

Thirdly - watch the third time to see how well your explanation holds up. 

Does the end result justify the means? The answer is extremely complicated, but yes, definitely yes. Do I expect anyone to actually go through the hassle of obtaining the necessary components or have the patience to execute The Kubrick Transformer? One or two, five. Five people will do this. But hey, that's what this world is about ya know? It will be those five people who convince another five people to see it, and so on and so on. So to those five people, and I know you're out there, I say thank you.

What is iAhuasca?

 The name iAhuasca is derived from the word "ayahuasca".  Ayahuasca is a psychoactive plant brew said to have divinatory and healing properties.  It is made from a combination of plants native to the Amazon rainforest, specifically a vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, and the leaves of a small plant, Psychotria viridis.  Neither of these components are psychoactive on their own.  It is only when they are combined that the divinatory and healing properties manifest.   It is unknown how the formula for ayahuasca was discovered, or who discovered it.  Some say the spirits gave the recipe to the people.  Others say it was an experimental process of trial and error, sometimes referred to as alchemy.  It was probably a combination of both.

Very few of us have access to the spirit realm, but all of us have access to alchemy.  Most of us use the alchemical process and don't even realize it.  Take a standard recipe for lemon chicken.  You take this standard recipe and tweak it with different spices over many years.  Eventually that standard lemon chicken has become something new, something different.  That is alchemy. 

iAhuasca is an alchemy of media. 

The alchemy of media first appeared in the 1920's with the cut up technique employed by the Dada movement, but wasn't popularized until the 1950's by William S. Burroughs.  Today it can be found in everything.   Sampling, mash-ups, and collage are a few methods, and are executed on many different technical levels, from The Dust Brothers work on Paul's Boutique to "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy, 

The goal of iAhuasca is an alchemy of media that isn't as much about entertainment as it is a return to the intentions of the Dadaists and Burroughs.  It seeks divinatory and healing properties.  It wants to change the way you see the world around you. 

iAhuasca was born out of watching Dark Side of the Rainbow, the well known method of playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz.  No one seems to know who first discovered the Dark Side of the Rainbow, but we do know that something uncanny happens when these two are combined.  If nothing uncanny happened while watching it, we wouldn't be talking about it.  I compare this to Finnegans Wake, another brilliant alchemical creation.  We know it isn't nonsensical bullshit because people still talk about it. 

Unlike ayahuasca, or Dark Side of the Rainbow, I know how The Kubrick Transformer was discovered.  It was discovered during an intense alchemical experimentation of many months.  There are many different combinations that evolved out of this alchemy, but the specific formula that I have shared is the cleanest product.  Think of Breaking Bad and the formula for the Heisenberg Blue.  It's the shit.  It's pure, nothing cut into it, no cheating.  And the source material is of the highest quality.

I expect over time to share some of the other products that evolved out of this work, but I also want to see if others will discover them on their own.  All the materials necessary for experimentation are available, mostly everyone has a lab.  Get cooking.  Seriously, no excuses, it's still legal, and the Amazon is just a mouse click away.

Eventually, I will offer my opinion on why this occurs and what it all means, which for me starts with the Noosphere.

Vladimir Vernadsky and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin are responsible for introducing the concept of the Noosphere.  This new environment evolves out of the geosphere and the biosphere, a sphere I visualize as an eternal human being whose flesh and bones are the internet, and whose blood is human thought.  The Noosphere is in its infancy, and in the very near future,   this child will want to know where it came from, where it is, who its parents are, and why? 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Find The Otters

One must find out for oneself, and make sure beyond doubt, who one is, what one is, why one is ...Being thus conscious of the proper course to pursue, the next thing is to understand the conditions necessary to following it out. After that, one must eliminate from oneself every element alien or hostile to success, and develop those parts of oneself which are specially needed to control the aforesaid conditions.

Aleister Crowley, Magick Book Four

"The meta-physiological circuit, then, is this cosmic Information System.  The synchronicities of 
circuits V to VII are just the dawning notes of the symphony of all inter-related harmonies revealed to those who have experienced Circuit VIII in action.  It is hard to avoid hyperbole when talking of such matters, but everything one can associate with the idea of Oneness With God-or Oneness with "Everything"-is part of what is experienced in the vistas, beyond space-time, of this meta-physiological circuit.  Mystics stammer and gibber and rave incoherently in trying to discuss this.  Beethoven says it for all of them, without words, in the fourth movement of the Ninth Symphony.  The words of Shiller's "Ode to Joy," which Beethoven set to his virtually superhuman music, are a linear third-circuit map conveying only a skeleton key to the multi-level meanings of the 8-circuit "language" of the melodic construction itself, which spans all consciousness from primitive bio-survival to meta-physiological cosmic fusion."

Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. 
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings