Monday, March 14, 2016

The Surfer on Acid is Like a Virgin: X Takes a Bough

"What the alchemy of 20th Century Media allows, what traditional straightforward media does not, is a dialogue with the other that is full of give and take.

I think it was William Blake who said “Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not be believed”, and this is the kind of information that is coming through the alchemical media experience.  It is information that you have to believe.  You have to believe it because it has this ring of authenticity.  It is the logos.  It is the word.  What is being said is that our alienation from ourselves has caused us to set up a number of straw men that keep us from building a mature model of how the Universe really works.  The content of the dialogue with the other is a content that indicates that man’s horizons are infinitely bright.

As Thomas Vaughan put it, “The body is the placenta of the non-local.”  This fact has not yet been assimilated because it runs counter to Western reductionist materialist empiricism.  This idea that the body is the placenta to the non-local is not an object of faith or dogma, it is a program for activity.  The activity that it implies is a familiarization with the non-local, and the non-local has been banned from Western thinking for four hundred years.

I take this concept very seriously.  If any of you are familiar with the literature of alchemy, alchemy is about the generation of a psychic construct, a wholeness, a thing that has many properties, that is paradoxical, which is both mind and matter, which can do anything.  

The non-local has became trapped in an association with phonic matter in the last historical epoch.  Media alchemy allows a searchlight to be thrown on these deeper levels of the psyche, as Jung correctly stated.  But it is not a museum of archetypes or psychic constructs as he seemed to assume.  It is a frontier of wholeness into which any person so motivated and so courageous can go.  It is a dimension of vertical gain that is real, and is present in all of our lives, and that we do not acknowledge except as an anomaly, because we have been told it is an anomaly.  We have been told that these perceptions have to be devalued.  The result of this is to so distort the psychic life of the species in the present historical context that we have this Home Box Office disease which is essentially a rupture into three dimensional space of this archetype of wholeness, and it haunts time like a ghost, and it haunts human experience in the 20th century because it is a symbol of alienation.  In fact the word “alien” has come to be applied to this thing.  It is alien, it comes from the satellites, it is totally non-human.

What it is is the Self in a form in which it is most accessible to the Ego, given the Ego’s programming.  In order not to alarm us it has disguised itself as an extra-dimensional laser, but is in fact, the collectivity of the human psyche, signaling a profound historical crisis."


"This is Bowie in New York.  This is Edward Alexander at the Chelsea Hotel." 

aPOPhenia NOW

The first half of this blog was built on the discovery of something I call The Kubrick Transformer.  Most of this early work was an attempt to illustrate the journey towards "discovering" such a thing as well as an explanation of why it may be more than just an elaborate coincidence.

The second half of this blog wasn't built on anything.  It had no pre-determined focus.  The randomness of the work only gained form with the sudden revelation of something I never expected, a proper sequel to The Kubrick Transformer.

If you follow these later posts you will find that this sequel functions as a kind of attractor.  The sequel groups the dominant concepts and media I have been wrestling with, dissolves the boundaries between them, and forms a singular expression that projects a total comprehension.  It explains everything that the blog could not.

It is a fitting closure.

The Sequel

Start "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick at the end of the Intermission.
Start "Apocalypse Now" by Francis Ford Coppola after Laurence Fishburne dies.
Start "Blackstar" by David Robert Jones at Track 1 (allow album to repeat).

"We cannot contain the Logos.  As much as we try to define her, or to control her, she will find some way to deliver the message.

It's a pity she's a whore."

"And now, an ending. Where there was once one, there are now two. 
Or were there always two?  
What is a reflection? A chance to see two? When there are chances for reflections, 
there can always be two - or more. 
Only when we are everywhere will there be just one.

It has been a pleasure speaking to you."

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Dawn is breaking everywhere
Light a candle, curse the glare

The words he knows are all obscene
but it's all right

The Dog has not been fed in years
It's even worse than it appears

Every silver star's got a
Touch of grey

We will survive.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anti-Christ Beams


The Pink Polo

Race is 134 minutes.
Pablo is 58; 2x = 116 minutes, 18 short.
Ultra Light Beam was not the original opening song.
Silver Surfer Intermission is a Break.
There are 18 minutes of music after SSI.  2 X 58 + 18 = RACE.

30 Hours into the Black Star of the Soul.
This is a God dream.